Transfăgărășan & Bâlea Lake

The trail was built in the 70s with the sacrifice of many lives. With its spectacular view, steep mountain ridges, coloured flora, waterfall Bâlea, glacier lake Bâlea and variations of altitude, it draws you in every step. Transfăgărășan has a total length of 151 km and connects the two Romanian provinces, Transylvania and Wallachia. The trail starts from nearby village Cîrţişoara (junction with DN1 – E68), entering in the Bâlii Valley and crosses Bâlea Waterfall and Bâlea Lac – Capra. One of the most spectacular point of the route is the 887 m tunnel which connect the area Capra with Bâlea. Here the road reaches a maximum altitude of 2042 m.

Bâlea Lake

It is a glacial lake with an altitude of 2034 m in the Făgăraș Mountains. Bâlea Glacier Lake, is, by far, the most important sports center in the Romanian Carpathian mountains. Located in the heart of Făgăraș mountain, the biggest mountain in Romania, the Bâlea Lake, part of the natural reserve with the same name (180 ha surface), is a glacial relief with moraine terraces, dominated by deep ridges. The landscape of austere unique beauty is overwhelming both in summer and winter. Then, fascinating world of the frozen north is moving here, with high glittering snow. From Șaua Netedului, the look includes an endless succession of high ridges which hide glacial valleys suspended, sharp peaks and massive towers and pins, all lined up obediently on a pediment with hymalaian reek. On the iced lake for over one meter, stalagmites are dripping in the sun.

The oldest climb in this massive was recorded by Dr. G. Lindner around the year 1700 in the region Bâlea Valley. Before the year 1750, in a subsequent statement was specified the presence of Captain Jacob Zultner, with geographical purposes to drawn a border.

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